No.77 Mudanjiang Road, Liaocheng Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province postcode: 252000

                                   Since 2005,our factory started to manufacture and export (located in Liaocheng city,Shandong province,China) high performance synthetic ester series,these esters can help enhance the performance and value of your formulated products.Whether it's about improving the capability of final formulations or reducing your time to market we can help you achieve the pefect result.(e.g. unsatuarated polyol ester series,saturated polyol ester series,monoester isooctyl oleate,diester dioctyl sebacate,trimellitate esters,dipentaerythritol esters).

                                     1. Pentaerythritol Tetra Stearate(CAS:115-83-3) and Pentaerythritol Tristearate(CAS:28188-24-1),SGS and REACH inspection approval,which is under exporting to South Korea,Japan,Italy,U.K.,U.S.A markets for applying as proprietary lubricants for engineering thermo-plastics compounding (e.g. transparent  PC compounding) or rubber lubricants and dispersants for pre-disperson masterbatches of rubber.

                                      2. Glycerol Monostearate(GMS40) and Distilled Monoglycerides(DMG),

                                      3. Trimethylolpropane Trioleate(cas number 57675-44-2),one most important biodegradable and hydrolytically stable polyol ester suitable for use as high performance synthetic ester lubricant base fluid and additive applied in the  formulation for cold iron rolling oils,neat metalworking fluids,fire resistant hydraulic fluids-#ISO 46 HFD-U),which is under exportingto Malaysia,Chile,Turkey,Indonesea,U.S.A. markets.

                                      4. Isooctyl Oleate (mono-ester lubricant base fluid and lubricity additive for water-miscible and neat metal workingfluid),

                                      5. Pentaerythritol Tetra Oleate (low volatile biodegradable POE type ester lubricant base fluid and  lubricity additive for metal tapping oil,non ferrous metal die releasing oil,#68 HFDU hydraulic oil,grease),

                                      6. Neopentylglycol Dioleate(one biodegradable unsaturated polyol ester type base fluid  for neat cutting oil and neat grinding oil),

                                      7. Dioctyl Sebacate(DIOS,DOS,as cold resistance plasticizer or di-ester type baseoil for gear oil or air compressor oil or gas turbine engine oil).  

                                       8. Dipentaerythritol ester series ,as basefluid with characteristics of high flash point,high viscosity,oxidatively stable,low deposit forming which suitabel for formulating high temperature chain oil or greases.

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